Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get smart with some "Fast Music Facts"!!

Almost every week, we begin with a "Fast Music Fact"--a quick spotlight on a composer and his famous works or a significant event in music history.  Our fast facts so far have included:
        **the 71st anniversary of the Wizard of Oz movie, which opened August 25, 1939
        **the invention of the piano by Francesco Cristofori in 1709--September is Nat'l. Piano Month
        **the writing of our Star-Spangled Banner lyrics on Sept. 14, 1814, by Sir Francis Scott Key
        **the life of George Gershwin, born on Sept. 26, 1898
        **the release to the public of the first Sony CD player on Oct. 1, 1982, and past technology
        **the Beatles and their first release--"Love Me Do"-- on Oct. 4, 1962
        **the life of Vivaldi and his famous work, "The Four Seasons"
        **the life of Bazzini and his "Dance of the Goblins" as background music for a fun reading book


This year, the North Starz Lunch Bunch Choir is made up of approximately 40 4th and 5th grade singers.  What a FUN bunch of kids with GREAT voices!!  We are preparing for out first official performance at Lin's Annual Holiday Open House, Friday, November 12th at 12:30.  We will be singing a couple of patriotic numbers, as well as a few selections for Thanksgiving!  Come hear us sing!!!

Wizard of Oz

My North Elementary 4th and 5th graders went to the CHS dress rehearsal musical production of Wizard of Oz on Wednesday, Nov. 3.  This was a great experience for them, as many of the students had attended SUU's production of the same musical two years ago.  We were able to compare and contrast the two productions and students were able discuss what they liked about both productions.  We have discovered that there is a lot of work that goes on not only on stage, but also "behind the scenes" of  a production!  For anyone interested in attending the CHS production, it will run Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday, November 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th, at Cedar High School!!